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JavaScript & jQuery Plugins

AA Audio Player - Javascript jQuery Audio Player
Responsive Javascript audio player for mobile and pc.
Javascript Countdown Timer
A JavaScript countdown timer
Xtrabulk - Bulk Email List Validator PHP Script
"Clean Your Email List from Bad Email Addresses and Invalid Domains and Increase...
Photo Effects Slideshow - jQuery Plugin
Photo Effects Slideshow is a jQuery plugin for photography effects based on CSS3 filters with ca...
Tapitoo - Restaurant Delivery Order Platform
Tapitoo is a digital delivery tool for restaurants. We built this to exploit it ourselves, but re...
WYSIWYG Editor - Javascript Text Editor
WYSIWYG Javascript Editor is a simple and easy to use Javascript execCommand() based editor
HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist
HTML5 Audio Player ( mp3, ogg, acc, wav etc ) with playlist is great for those who want to add in...
HTML5 Video Player with Playlist
HTML5 Video Player with playlist is awesome if you want to showcase your own movie gallery creati...
Responsive Product Slider CSS JavaScript
Product Slider is a responsive HTML5 slider that makes your products more visible & get ...
Elegant Text Editor - Javascript Text Editor
Elegant Text Editor is a simple,fancy,easy to use text editor.
Dropdown Menu - jQuery JavaScript
A simple drop-down menu, various colors and icons changed
jQuery Image and Content Slider
This is a responsive image slider script written with jQuery Technology.