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About Dung Phan Quoc

Specializing in software technology, 668 Dev is developed by highly competent and experienced individuals from Vietnam. We are empowered to become the top company in Vietnam and expanding globally with the team’s incredible qualifications and professionalism at work.

668 Dev provide business management software, solutions to foster community connection on the Internet, website systems and related services, as well as those in the field of e-commerce. 

1.      Mission

-          For customers: By investing in and applying the latest technology, 668 Dev brings to our customers digital solutions and products to help leverage their work efficiency, increase revenue while reducing management and sales expenses.

-          For software development: Through researching and developing advanced products, 668 Dev helps enrich the treasure trove of software, applications, and additional features for e-commerce platforms.

2.      Operational Philosophy

-          Reinventing yesterday: Today’s technology keeps on changing and becoming better than that of yesterday. This makes it inevitable for software solutions to constantly go through updates and changes. Tuning in this creative dance with the rest of the world is, therefore, a determined operational philosophy of 668Dev. 

3.      Product/ services

-          Developing software; websites systems; e-commerce systems; IoT, VoIP, and Streaming integrated systems.

-          Developing additional features (Plugins, Add-ons, Extensions, Themes) for Joomla, Word press, OpenCart systems.

-          Personalized projects/ solutions according to customers’ business model

-          Maintain and secure systems for customers.

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