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Balancing Creativity and Functionality

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About Eldi Munggaran

Pursuing happiness by solving problems.

Experience with System Architecture, Data Warehousing, ETL/ELT, Big Data, Business Development & Operation. Twelve years total experiences.

Have passion in Information Technology and Business, experience with different company from private, corporate, enterprise, and government level. Expert in computer application development, Integration, Project Management and Product Management.

In-touch with technology standards (e.g. Convention, Framework, Waterfall/Agile, Diagrams), best practices (e.g. Design Pattern, User Interface, User experience) and trends (e.g. GIT, Bootstraps, JQuery, IoT).

Involve Deeply in E-Commerce trends both National level (e.g. Kaskus, Tokopedia) and International level (e.g. eBay), Online Marketing (PPC/AdWords/AdSense/Facebook Ads), Affiliates, Dropshipping, and Online Trading (Forex/Stocks).

Achieved Portfolio of smart tools (e.g. MS Office macro), business applications (e.g. Pharmacy), retail application (e.g. Sales), automation apps (e.g. Autogate), engineering (e.g. Steel Detailing), banking (Financial Planner), social (e.g. Tourism), presentation (e.g. News Ticker, Image Projector), services (Logistic), & crawler (Stock Checker, Web Auditor).

List of Portfolio: munggaran.com

Information is nothing without value. Creativity and Functionality is
the Information fundamental, the one that can make balance will serve

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