PHP Security Scripts & Tools

Explore 13 PHP Security Scripts & Tools. These Security related PHP Scripts and tools will help you protect your website.

Password Generator PHP Class
Randomly generate passwords for your websites
Password Sharing Management System
Codeigniter, PHP script to manage passwords
Pattern Lock Login and Register - PHP
Pattern Lock system target mobile application drawing a pattern on the touchscreen is far easier ...
Password Generator PHP Script
A simple script that allows for you to easily generate secure passwords with multiple parameters ...
Hunter - PHP Javascript Obfuscator
Protect your JavaScript source code with the simplest and fastest way.
2-Step Authentication PHP Script
Simple and easy to integrate login script that requires you to enter a random code as well as you...
Credit Card Luhn Checker And Masking Script
Bulk credit card checker and masking tool
CC Web Security PHP Script
PHP Script that protects your site from SQL injection, DDoS, XSS, Proxy, Tor, Spam and other type...
Site Security Script - PHP Script
Prevent your website from attacks
PHP Log In Protection Script
A secure and safe way to protect your webpages with authentication.
PHP Easy Lock - Password protect PHP Script
The best and easiest way to lock a PHP page with a password.
OF Security - SQL Injection & Flood protection PHP
PHP Security Class that protects against SQL Injections and Flood attacks and logs the attacker&#...
MC Password Generator PHP Script
MC Password Generator is strong password generator creates random passwords that are highly secur...